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Latina Patient Power: Rights to Heal Retreat

Latinas Contra Cancer

Mar 22, 2024

Building a patient community: enhancing our self-care practices and building our power as patients and users of our local healthcare delivery systems

In March 2024, Latinas Contra Cancer had the pleasure of hosting the first ever Latina Patient Power: Rights to Heal Retreat at 1440. This pivotal gathering was dedicated to forging a new path for healthcare, one that is as integral and accessible as our public parks, libraries, and streets.


The retreat was designed to explore and gather opportunities for creating a healthcare system that is deeply embedded within the communities it serves, providing excellent care that is free at the point of service. We had the privilege of bringing together cancer patients, organizers, and community leaders from Santa Clara County. Additionally, we featured a panel of seasoned experts and organizers who shared their valuable insights and experiences. Throughout our discussions, we emphasized the importance of a truly equitable healthcare system where access does not determine life or death, and preventative care is abundantly funded.


Participants immersed themselves in the vision of every neighborhood having its own publicly-funded medical home, where individuals are recognized and cared for with a focus on maintaining wellness rather than treating illness. We explored how prioritizing wellbeing and social justice can greatly reduce human suffering and increase life equity.


We envisioned a future where all county residents are free from the burdens of an unjust health system, able to enjoy the fullness of life with leisure, happiness, connection, and joy. The retreat not only provided a time for reflection but also for laying down practical strategies to make this vision a reality.


Hosting the Rights to Heal Retreat was a profound honor for Latinas Contra Cancer, and it reaffirmed our commitment to transform healthcare into a system that uplifts and supports every individual. As we move forward, we carry with us the strategies and inspirations from this weekend, ready to advocate for and build a healthcare environment where equity is not just an ideal, but a reality.

Special thanks to our funders and partners, our patient and user community, panelists, and all individuals involved in making this an amazing experience for everyone.

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